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Charging Policy

Charging Policy


This Governing Body agrees that, from time to time, the school may ask parents for voluntary contributions towards the cost of certain activities that the school is unable to fund from within its own budget.

These activities will not include any mainstream curricular activities, with the exception of swimming for classes in Key Stage 2.


The types of activities that might require a voluntary contribution being sought from parents include visits from theatre groups or other outside speakers and trips out of school for other educational activities.

In all cases, wherever possible, the school will try to meet some, or all of the costs of these trips or activities, and ask only for a part payment from parents.


The Governing Body recognise the value of these events, and would wish to encourage them, whilst recognising that they must be on a limited basis, so as not to put too much burden on parents.

Where there is a theatre visit or similar event in school, families with more than one child will only be asked to pay once.


The Governors recognise that any contributions it seeks from parents are voluntary and it welcomes the support from parents in this aspect of the schools work.

In no case will a child be precluded from any trip, activity or event because a parent cannot afford to make a contribution towards it.


The Headteacher will make this policy explicit to parents, both through the school prospectus and in any letters that request a contribution from parents. Any parent who cannot meet a request for a voluntary contribution may speak with the Headteacher in absolute confidence, and the contribution may either be waived or the parent makes partial payment towards the activity.


Where there is a large contribution required, as in our annual residential trip, parents will be given the opportunity to pay by instalments.