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Y2- Rabbit Class

Welcome to Rabbit Class - Year 2!
Class Teacher - Miss Beckett 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs James 


Friday 23rd November - Pirate Day Ahoy there!

Friday 23rd November -  Pirate Day Ahoy there! 1

Term 2 Homework - Pirates

Year 2 Forest School dates term 2 - Thursday 29th November 2018 and Thursday 13th December 2018.

Term 2 - Pirates. arrghhhh!

This term we are learning about Pirates. We will learn about a famous pirate called Blackbeard, be building our own pirate ships, creating our own pirate maps and many more. Watch out as one day this term we will be transforming into pirates ourselves! Also we cannot forget that this is our Christmas term and in December we will start practising for our Christmas play. 

If you have any questions about anything please feel free to come and find me after school! 

Miss Beckett


Look at our excellent homework!

Look at our excellent homework! 1
Look at our excellent homework! 2

English - The Pirate Cruncher

Image result for pirate cruncher

This term in English we will be reading The Pirate Cruncher. First of all we will explore what verbs and imperative (bossy) verbs are. This will build up to us writing our own set of instructions on how to be a pirate! 

Some of us changed into pirates from our story! The rest of us had to ask them questions.


We will have a busy term of maths this term! We will be learning how to add and subtract 1-digit then 2-digit numbers using different resources and then moving on to being able to draw our working out. 


PE this term will be every Friday afternoon. Can children always have their PE kits in school every day as we never know when a visitor may come in to do some sport with us! This term we are learning about netball. 

Look at our exciting science experiment. We had to predict then write up what we saw.

Monday 19th November - Boogie bounce!

Thursday 29th November 2018 - We build Santa's grotto in Forest School!