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School Values

Statement of Aims and Objectives


Our first priority at Palmarsh Primary School is to try and ensure that each child feels safe, secure and happy. Only in this context of confidence do we believe that children flourish and grow, and make the best of the educational opportunities we present them with.


We aim to provide a school ethos, which reflects both a caring and considerate attitude to all our community's members. This is based upon the principle of mutual respect and courtesy, and is reinforced by a code of conduct that details the positive ways in which we expect the children to behave. We will use the times together in school to talk and worship in order to develop this positive ethos.


We wish in this and all matters, to have the full support and confidence of parents. To that end, we wish always to work with parents as partners to the common aim of providing what is best for each child. We are always open to meet with, and discuss, any issue that parents may wish to raise.


We believe that the school is a central part of the community, and we will work hard towards developing that community focus role. We work within a framework that recognises the principles of equality of opportunity. Those principles demand that individual difference of need are addressed, and wherever possible, met.

Therefore, the learning opportunities that we present children with, will as far as possible be designed to match individual children's needs. Every child is special, and will be treated as such. Some children, however, have needs that cannot be met within the context, or time scale available within the ordinary classroom. Those children identified as having Special Needs, will be supported within the guidelines of our Special Needs Policy and the Government Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs. In all such cases, parental involvement will be sought and encouraged.


We aim to offer every child access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which meets the requirements of the National Curriculum, and aims to present it within a context that is relevant, realistic and purposeful. Our priorities are literacy and numeracy, and we will ensure that each child is given the opportunity to make as much progress as possible within these two key areas. Every child comes to us with a range of different experiences, abilities and talents. Our aim is to develop each child educationally, as far as that individual is able to go. We will build upon strengths, and support and develop areas where a child may not be so confident or competent. To do this, we have assessment procedures that allow us to plan, as closely as possible, to match individual needs across the whole curriculum.


We aim to introduce all our children to as wide a variety of sporting activities as possible. This is so each child can learn the many benefits of taking part in sports, including health, fitness, fun and relaxation. We also aim to teach good sportsmanship and a good sense of fair play.


We will use a variety of teaching methods and strategies to deliver the curriculum in as exciting and stimulating ways as possible. Children will be given individual, group and class tasks, dependent on the nature of the particular learning experience. We will use some common schemes and methods throughout the school, to ensure continuity and progression for our children. In others, however, very different approaches will be taken by individual teachers, and this reflects our belief that teaching is still a creative skill.


In all work, the children will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. We believe that self-motivation is imperative in a world where the mass of knowledge and information is growing at an enormous rate. Our children will be maturing into a world of work that demands the ability to be able to adapt and change at many stages. Our children must, therefore, be encouraged to develop those strategies that allow them to access information and skills for themselves.


Finally, we will encourage our children to work together with each other in a spirit of co-operation, mutual support and growth. We believe that this spirit of co-operation is a valuable and essential aspect of our school's aims, which will benefit our children as they move into the local and wider community.