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Welcome to Palmarsh Primary School


Welcome to our school. Palmarsh Primary is a small school situated in the heart of the Palmarsh community at the western end of Hythe. We believe in supporting and developing each and every child in our care to help them reach their full potential. 


Our pride at Palmarsh is our relationships with our pupils and their families. Being a small school we are in an excellent position to know the strengths, weaknesses, concerns and triumphs of our pupils and share in and support them with these.


Children at Palmarsh form close links with others in their school community, creating a real family atmosphere to our school. Staff support this by having a real concern for the children’s emotional as well as academic needs.

We share our site with ‘First Steps Nursery & Playgroup’ for pre-school children age 2 to 4 years and ‘Lullabies’ baby unit.  If your are interested in placing your child at our school and would like to come and visit then please make an appointment with the school office who will be happy to help. 


I look forward to meeting you


Jamie Leach