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Y5- Fox Class


Hello and welcome to Fox Class Page!


Class Teacher: Mr Risby

Class Hamsters: Socks and Pablo


Hello and a Happy New Year!

Year 5 is an important year at school, as a class we will be starting a journey to prepare them for Year 6 and beyond! 


In English this term, we will be reading and studying 'Viking Boy' by Tony Bradman. This is a fantastic book will provide ample writing opportunities on an exciting and enthralling topic!


In Maths this term, we will be finishing everyone's favourite topic (including mine!) FRACTIONS. We will then be looking at decimals and percentages and the links between them. 


Topic is based on our Power of Reading book, Viking Boy,  and is entitled 'Vicious Vikings'. In topic lessons, we present a question at the beginning of each lesson for the children to ultimately answer. Our main topic question this term is : Where the Vikings really that vicious?  


In science, our theme this term is: Materials and their changing properties. This will give us plenty of chances to have practical lessons and investigations. 





Times Table Challenge


Learning your times tables is an incredibly important part of your education, therefore, Fox Class complete a 'Times Tables Challenge' twice a week. This is against the clock with the pupils challenging themselves to complete the various levels, hopefully reaching the fabled 'Ultimate Challenge' which includes all 144 times tables!

Reading Challenge!


As in every year, reading is incredibly important skill to not only learn but to constantly improve upon. In Year 5, we have a special reading challenge which rewards those who read every day!

Every time your child reads, they will receive a raffle ticket, which will be placed in our reading penguin. At the end of each term, one lucky winner will be chosen and will receive a special prize. The more times you read, the more likely you are to win!


Physical Education


Physical Education or PE, as many benefits to education. It provides many health benefits, both physical and mental, as well as increasing confidences and self esteem. 

As always, I encourage all pupils to participate in PE, providing plenty of chances for them to show off new skills.

This term we will be learning how to play TENNIS!

Also, Wednesdays will be SWIMMING DAYS!

Please remember: swimming costume, towel and a bag to take it in. 



However, it is important that all pupils wear the appropriate kit:

Plain white t-shirt

Black or white shorts

Trainers or Plimsols  

Homework and Spellings