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Thanks for taking time to look at Fox class’ page.

This is the first time I (Mr Jones) have added anything to the page so apologies in advance for any mistakes, feel free to comment and make suggestions!


So, Term 1 has ended and I thought it would be nice to summarise what we have been learning this Term.

Each term we have a book which forms the basis for the majority of our learning. In Term 1 we had 'Ice Trap' by Meredith Hooper. It tells the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's failed expedition to Antarctica.


Literacy - in literacy we have worked hard to improve our writing skills. We have focused on punctuation and the use of parenthesis, direct and indirect speech. The children have written in a variety of styles including newspaper reporting, recounts, logs and poems. They have performed a story map to help them learn our story as well as played the role of reporter to ask Sir Ernest questions about his expedition.


Maths - this term we have been learning about place value, addition and subtraction using the column method and most recently the grid method for multiplication.


Science - we have been looking at materials this term and the children have been involved in the planning, writing and carrying out of several fair tests to explore which materials worked best as thermal insulators and conductors.


Geography - we have learnt about maps this term, more specifically the use of an Atlas and Ordnance Survey maps. The children have also looked at compasses and the main 8 compass points.


RE - children have enjoyed RE this term. We have looked at Christian ceremonies including weddings, confirmations and funerals. The children have engaged in a number of role plays to help them better understand each and what they entail.


Forest School - we have had two sessions this term and the children really enjoy this time to learn and have fun outdoors. In session 1 they were tasked with building shelters and in session 2 animal traps to catch their dinner. Check out some of the photos on our page.


Trumpets - Fox class are lucky enough to be able to learn how to play the trumpet every Wednesday with Mr Driscoll. I have been present for most of these sessions and they have certainly improved over the course of the term! no


Art - Mrs Illet takes the class on a Friday and the class are very lucky to have her as she is very creative and whenever I pop in they are all fully engaged with her lessons. (and I don't have to clean up afterwards!)


PE - this term we have leant to play hockey and the different skills involved, including how to dribble with the ball and strike it correctly.


That's about that. Sorry if I've forgotten to mention something. Remember I'm happy to take suggestions or answer any questions about what we are up to now and in the future. You know where I live surprise

P.S check out some of the other items on our page including some of the photos of children working hard and enjoying themselves of course!

Homework Term 1

Homework Term 1 1 Antarctica scene by Isobel Simpson
Homework Term 1 2 Antarctica by Theo La-Croix
Homework Term 1 3 Antarctica by Lottie Bowman
Homework Term 1 4
Homework Term 1 5
Homework Term 1 6 Antarctica by Laura Leon-Kolodziej
Homework Term 1 7 Antarctica by Lexie Powell
Homework Term 1 8 Snow sledge by Lottie Bowman
Homework Term 1 9 A selection of homework by different pupils.