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Y3- Owl Class

Welcome to Year 3! 


In Year 3 our teacher is called Miss Moss and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Holder AND Mrs Johnson.


  • PE lessons are on Mondays and Tuesday, our PE kits should be brought in on Monday and kept at school all week. Please make sure your child has their PE kit with them every day as we aim to go outside for PE at least once per week.
  • Homework is set once a term. Spelling is sent home every Friday and should be brought back the following Friday.
  • We change reading books every day if you have finished your book. We should read at least five times during the school week and once over the weekend.



Our first History topic of the year is the Stone Age, our focus texts in English are ‘Stone Age Boy’ and Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ and we'll be exploring all sorts of things: from stone circles and mammoth hunts, all the way to cave paintings and Stone Age food!


The Stone Age is part of our prehistory - that is the history which exists from before writing was around. We'll be learning about where the Stone Age fits into the chronology of British History, looking at the three main eras - Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We're looking at over 2,500,000 years of history in the coming weeks through our topic, English, music, art, French and in some of our applied Maths lessons. We are working towards answering deeper questions such as 'What do we think Stone Henge was actually built for?' 'and 'How did the climate and environment change over this period, and how did this affect us?


Pumpkin Picking 15.10.18

Pumpkin Picking 15.10.18 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Planetarium Visit

Planetarium Visit  1


We are currently learning column methods of addition and subtraction. Watch this space for our videos explaining how to add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100. 



We have made many inferences about the characters in our focus texts through drama which has helped us to write in role this term and begin to use paragraphs cohesively.  Below is some our star writing! 



As a year group, reading is our main area that we are aiming to improve. Miss Moss, Mrs Holder and Mrs Johnson all love to read. We are reading texts across the curriculum, as literacy is important in all our learning, not just English lessons! We hope to have read a wide range of literature by the end of the year in order to get the most out of the entire curriculum. Miss Moss is currently building year 3 an outdoor reading garden to encourage reading EVERYWHERE -  we hope it will be finished soon!


In Science this year we are going to be investigating the following topics:

  • Animals and Me
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Magnets and Forces
  • Earth Rocks
  • Light and Shadow



Our current focus topic is ‘Earth Rocks’ – below are some photos showing how we have worked scientifically to investigate the life cycle of a rock as well as identifying and classifying different types of rocks.