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At Palmarsh Primary School, we follow the Kapow Primary’s History scheme of work which aims to inspire pupils to be curious and creative thinkers who develop a complex knowledge of local and national history and the history of the wider world. We want pupils to develop the confidence to think critically, ask questions, and be able to explain and analyse historical evidence. Through the scheme of work, we aim to build an awareness of significant events and individuals in global, British and local history and recognise how things have changed over time. History will support children to appreciate the complexity of people’s lives, the diversity of societies and the relationships between different groups. Studying History allows children to appreciate the many reasons why people may behave in the way they do, supporting children to develop empathy for others while providing an opportunity to learn from mankind’s past mistakes. Kapow Primary's History scheme aims to support pupils in building their understanding of chronology in each year group, making connections over periods of time and developing a chronologically-secure knowledge of History


Progression in History is assessed in various ways and based on attainment in mastering the ability to: recognise, identify, describe, observe, select, categorise, classify, sequence, compare, contrast, recall, reason/speculate, summarise, synthesise, explain, demonstrate understanding, empathise, reach informed conclusions, make reasoned judgments, justify, apply, evaluate, critique and hypothesise. 


We are gradually building up our resources for teaching all units in the school. We have invested in boxes of equipment and resources for a number of topics including The Vikings and Romans, and we shall continue to add more. We keep these resources in a central store and these are made available to all teachers and children to enhance their enjoyment of the topic. 


Monitoring takes place regularly through sampling children’s work, teacher planning, book scrutiny and lesson observations.





History and Geography long term plan

Learning taking place across the school in History