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Y2- Rabbit Class

Welcome to Rabbit Class!

Teacher - Miss Scott

Class TA - Mrs Mac, 1:2 TA - Mrs Burgoyne (Mrs B)

Hello and welcome to Year 2!


Scroll down to see our learning in English and Maths and the rest of our curriculum as well as our extra-curricular activities. In Year 2 we are learning about Pirates and the Seas and how they can help us answer our questions.


Such as:

What would Pirates see on their travels? - Looking at the continents, seas and the world!

Why would the weather be so important? - Learning about the types of weather.

What can we see from our porthole? - Art inspired from views from travels and observation

What do you do if you found yourself shipwrecked? - Making full use of our wonderful forest school (dates below)



There are links and documents below that might be useful for you and your child throughout the year. Have a look at the Key vocabulary for our learning and an overview of what we are going to learn.


Keep revisiting for photos of our Class as we learn and grow at Palmarsh!



Phonics and English:


In Year 2 we are learning how to become fluent in our reading and skilled in our writing - reading at home will greatly help this! Please find the link below for Reading Eggs which the children can use at home - their logins have already gone home, if you require another copy please let me know. 


In Class we are following the story of The Pirates of Scurvey Sands and their adventures. We are building up our skillset to be able to write our own narratives! Watch this space for some Pirate adventures.

Role Play using question words



In Maths this term we are focusing on Place Value and being really confident with our numbers. We started off with a recap of our numbers using nature to help us and we were blown away by the Mathematicians in the class!


Next, we are looking at the place value of numbers and recognising tens and ones and the value of numbers.



(Photos to follow very soon!)

Maths using Base 10 to help us with Place Value.

Forest School and PE:


Our Forest School and PE day is a Tuesday. We will be alternating between the two each week; dates are as follows:







Forest School






***Children are to come to school in their PE kits or Forest School clothes on these days as we will not be changing, thanks for you support with this! ***

Forest School - Making flags with Nature and exploring

Homework suggestions Term 1 and 2.

Key Vocabulary and Curriculum Overview for Terms 1 and 2.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness - Year 2 wearing something green!