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YR- Squirrel Class

First of all I’d like to say welcome to all of the new families joining us this year and welcome back to the familiar faces!  This year in reception the class will have Miss Moss, Mrs Hawkes, Mrs Johnson and Miss Baxter co-adventuring with you all.  We are very excited to be working as a team and getting to know this new group of children. 


The reception year of school is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and will, primarily, be taught through play.  We will be taking a ‘planning in the moment’ approach to learning.  This involves the adults observing children, identifying what they are demonstrating in their play, interacting with the children (either asking questions, engaging them in conversation, offering a resource or demonstrating a skill) and finally observing again to see how the child reacts to the adults input.  Every week we will select a few children to be focus children.  These particular children will benefit from some extra attention, and observations of their progress during this week will be recorded and shared with parents.  We encourage all parents to engage with us and their child’s learning either through email.  


Every day the children will have a few short carpet sessions, building up in length as the year progresses.  In these sessions we will be learning phonics, a maths skill or developing our understanding of the world

Our Curriculum Autumn 1

How do I find out about what my child has done all day!?




"If children know eight nursery rhymes by heart, by the time they are four years old, they're usually among the best readers by the time they are eight.”


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In Squirrel Class we try to learn a poem a week. We will send home this poem on a Friday, you may get to see performed at home!