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Values and Ethos

Honesty:  Being truthful to ourselves and to others is one of our primary values at Palmarsh Primary school.

There are many ways in which honesty is demonstrated at Palmarsh. On a daily basis staff and children treat each other fairly, we encourage each other to be authentic, genuine and sincere. Honesty promotes openness and provides us all with trust and confidence in our relationships.               

             It is the basis of ethical and moral integrity.


Endeavour: One of our key values is the desire to try our best, and it is something that we ask of our school community.

We encourage our children to strive for goals, to work hard at tasks and to aspire. We take pride in our own and others achievements. We understand that we will make mistakes and may not achieve our plans all the time and this too will be celebrated.


Ambition: We strive to encourage our staff and children to have ambition.

At Palmarsh Primary School, we want our children to grow up with the belief that ‘The world is your oyster’. Through motivation, determination and a clear goal that you can achieve what you want.


Resilience: We support our children to develop the resilience required throughout life.

Resilience is such an important trait. It enables us to cope when things go wrong or don’t go to plan. We teach our children that mistakes are positive learning opportunities, to be brave and to try new things . To build our children’s resilience we support them emotionally, create opportunities for personal challenge, teach them about responsibility and promote strong supportive relationships.


Tolerance: Encouraging each other to be open-minded, patient, understanding and accepting or each other.

Accepting that we are all unique and celebrating that. Respecting that we can each have different beliefs and opinions