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Y5- Fox Class

Homework Term 5

Welcome to Fox Class


Term 5



Literacy - This term our key text is Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. It's the first in a series of stories and centres around Torak and his wolf companion and their journey to save the forest and it's inhabitants from a deadly bear. Full of rich language, suspense and excitement, I'm sure it's a book that the children will thoroughly enjoy.


Maths - This term will be very much about consolidating learning that has taken place over the course of the year so far. We have now covered all of the topics required in Year 5 and now we will be revisiting some of those more tricky elements the children struggle with in order to embed that knowledge and understanding going into the final term.


Science - we shall be continuing with our topic Earth and Space as we did not complete it last term. So far the children have explored our Solar System, proved that the Earth is not flat, studied and ordered the planets, and learnt the phases of the moon.


History - as with Science, we are continuing the topic we began last term, Stone Age to Iron age.


RE - this term we will be looking at Islam


Forest School - this will again take place every second Thursday, starting on the 26th April. Photo's will appear on our page so please check these out.


Trumpets - Fox class are lucky enough to be able to learn how to play the trumpet every Wednesday with Mr Driscoll. I have been present for most of these sessions and they have certainly improved over the course of the term! no


Art/DT - Mrs Ilett will be continuing to teach these lessons and she and I will be focusing on Art this term, using our key text as a platform for the lessons we plan.


PE - will take place on Monday afternoons so please could children have the required kit available on those days. This term we will be learning cricket, hopefully mostly outdoors!surprise


Remember I'm happy to take suggestions or answer any questions about what we are up to now and in the future. You know where I live surprise

Check out some of the other items on our page including some of the photos of children working hard and enjoying themselves of course!

Children's ability to read is very important and in Fox class we are really trying to encourage the children to read at home as much as possible, be it with parents or carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles or even an older sibling.

Your child has their own reading record which we would ask you to sign every time your child is heard to read, even if they read alone to themselves, please sign and comment if you wish.

Every time their book is signed they will receive a raffle ticket and at the end of each term a winner is drawn and the child receives a prize, so please help us to make Fox class a class full of enthusiastic readers!


Thank you



Mr Jones

Forest school halloween theme forest art and shelters

Forest school lighting fires

Children in Need day