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YR- Squirrel Class

Welcome to Squirrel Class 2018-2019!!!

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The class teacher is Mr. Shrimplin and the class TA is Mrs. Tilley.


We are both looking forward to learning with you and can not wait to enjoy your first year of school.

Jolly Phonics | Sounds and Actions

Learning to read is an integral part of the first year at school. We learn phonics through letters and sounds but you may find the correct pronunciations of each sound on this video. This will greatly help you to understand how your child will learn phonics at Palmarsh. I would like to add that we do not follow the jolly phonics program but the video is very good in demonstrating the correct sounds each letter makes. Please watch and ask me any questions.

Forest School Dates: Term 5: 30/04/19, 14/05/19

Forest School Dates: Term 5: 30/04/19, 14/05/19 1

Term 5: Castles and Knights!

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Welcome to the dark ages, because in Term 5 we are going to be learning alongside the medieval times. We are hoping to build castles and turn ourselves into knights and princesses, ready to be rescued! BUT watch out for those fire breathing dragons! We will be using books to help guide us through this tough time, such as 'Zog', 'George and the Dragon' and other fictional books. We may even finish the term with a medieval banquet...if there are any survivors!

Welcome to the 2019!! Year of the Pig 🐖


Term 3.


This term is all about Traditional Tales; The Three Little Pigs 🐖🐖🐖, Goldilocks and the Three Bears 🐻🐻🐻 and many more.


Fairytales in action

Fairytales in action 1
Fairytales in action 2
Fairytales in action 3
Fairytales in action 4
Fairytales in action 5
Fairytales in action 6
Fairytales in action 7
Fairytales in action 8
Fairytales in action 9
Fairytales in action 10
Fairytales in action 11
Fairytales in action 12
Fairytales in action 13

How many fairytale characters do you know?




Term 2


This term we are learning about space. We will be looking at a range of books to help us learn and will finish the term off learning about The Nativity.

Term 1


This term is all about animals, in particular pets. I want to hear about any pets you have at home or any that you would love to look after and why. Bring some of your soft toy pets in!

Please ensure you provide you child with appropriate clothing for Forest School. Hats, gloves, scarves and lots of layers are a must, especially as winter approaches. Wellies are also a good idea for footwear.