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Y3- Owl Class

Welcome to Year 3! 


In Year 3 our teacher is called Miss Moss and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Holder.


  • PE lessons are on Thursdays, our PE kits should be brought in on Monday and kept at school all week. Please make sure your child has their PE kit with them every day as we aim to go outside for PE at least once per week.
  • Homework is set once a term. Spelling is sent home every Friday and should be brought back the following Friday.
  • We change reading books every day if you have finished your book. We should read at least five times during the school week and once over the weekend.





Picture 1
Picture 1

Homework Term 6

What did the Romans do for Kent? 

Our topic for this term is The Romans. We will be learning all about who the Romans were, when they lived and what happened when they invaded Britain. We will work towards answering what the effects of their invasion was on Kent. 


Our stunning start will involve a trip to Kent Life on Thursday 25th April. 

Our marvellous middle will involve a trip to Folkestone Museum on Monday 20th May. 

Our fabulous finish involves a trip to Lullingstone Roman Villa on Thursday 13th June. 




Purpose: Writing to entertain 


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Picture 2


Topics: Fractions and Time


We are continuing our mastery of fractions this term and then moving on to time. Reading an analogue clock is a tricky skill to master so your help at home with this would be very much appreciated! 


As your child becomes more familiar with the concept of time and is able to read an analogue clock, they will develop a more sophisticated response to time. Responding to time is something we do every day saying things such as ‘wait a minute’ and ‘just a sec’. By asking time-related questions involving reading the clock and estimating, such as “How long does it take you to brush your teeth?” or “How long will it take you to get ready for school?” you can help them to keep thinking about time.


If your child has struggled with a particular concept in maths, a short homework piece may be sent home in order to ensure they can make good progress in the following lesson. If you would like extra practise with any mathematical concepts, just ask Miss Moss and she will be happy to help. 

Pumpkin Picking 15.10.18

Pumpkin Picking 15.10.18 1