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Pupil Behaviour - Our "Golden Rules"

Pupil Behaviour – School Rules


We have a behaviour policy in school, which is based upon a set of underlying moral principles that we call our “School Rules”. These rules were drawn up by the children themselves and are as follows: –


• We are always helpful to others.

• We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

• We always try our best in everything we do.

• We use kind words and remember our manners.

• We look after our school, inside and out.

• We treat others as we wish to be treated.


We reward good behaviour and hard work as a matter of course, celebrating successes as often as possible. To create a positive ethos, we aim to highlight the positives whilst making as little fuss as possible over poor or inappropriate behaviour.


If a child does not respond to our normal behaviour strategies it may be that they need a special approach. If a child has a persistent behaviour problem we will work with parents to help the child overcome that difficulty. The child will need a consistent approach by both home and school to have success. Partnership we believe is the key. Some children may have a significant behavioural difficulty that prevents them from fully accessing the school’s curriculum. In that case this difficulty will be classified as a special need and a specific programme of support drawn up to try and help that child. Again parents must be fully involved. Any child for any reason whose behaviour is such that they are disrupting the learning of others will be removed from class until they are ready to return and to behave in an appropriate manner. In exceptional circumstances should a child’s behaviour mean that he or she either completely fails to respond to the school’s authority or be violent or abusive towards others, it could result in an exclusion from school on either a fixed term or permanent basis. We are proud of the happy and caring ethos of our school and most of our children for the most part behave beautifully.