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At Palmarsh Primary, we aim for our pupils to leave our school with an awareness of how important Science is, to develop a sense of curiosity. We want our children to ask questions about the world around them, seek answers and are equipped with the skills to begin to investigate and then analyse their data. One of our values is for our children to be Curious this can seen in all areas of the curriculum but especially in Science. We passionate about our children having a sound understanding of and respect for the natural world.


We deliver the National Curriculum and promote the Working Scientifically Skills through our engaging and practical Science lessons. Our clear Science overview and progression document allows all teachers to plan for the seamless development of these skills and learning points throughout their time at Palmarsh that enable them to become outstanding ‘scientists’. We do this through exciting lessons, where children set up and engage in a range of enquiries and activities and have rich opportunities to explore the school grounds as well as our fantastic local area, whilst always being encouraged to use and apply scientific terminology.


Palmarsh’s school grounds lend themselves to science. We have a purpose-built forest school, a wide range of plant life and our own farm which includes Ponies, goats, pigs and Donkeys. All of these encourage our children to use and appreciate the outdoors, as well as providing a wild area for wildlife to become more established. We are spoilt by our great local area which provides more opportunities to enhance our Science learning, including: Martello Lakes, Hythe Royal Military Canal, the beach and a range of local walks close to our school.

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