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Y5- Fox Class

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Teacher Mr. Jones

Teaching assistant - Mrs. Anderson

Hello everyone


Let me begin by saying it's been simply amazing to have all the children back in school. After the initial shock of being back, each and everyone of them settled back into school life, even if it's still not quite normal, and worked hard.

During this term we carried out Maths and English assessments and we have a clear picture of where your child/children are and what we can work on to make them the best they can be.

Next term will come around quickly so please make the most of the Easter break, eat your body weight in chocolate (I will be!) and we look forward to seeing you all again on the 19th April.




Mr Jones


Mrs Anderson


Forest school dates for term 5:

28th April

12th May



English - this terms key text is Viking Boy. This is a story of blood, fire and vengeance. A boy's mission to avenge the death of his father at the hands of a so called friend! We shall link our work to this text and our Viking topic. The children will write newspaper reports and examine and write different forms of poetry. 


Maths - the children will cover shapes, 2D and 3D, their properties and they will look at angles in detail. We shall then move onto position and direction, co-ordinates, reflections and so on.


Science - we will continue our Forces topic, looking at how forces work and the impact they have on different objects.


Curriculum - our topic is the Vikings. We will undertake several investigation style lessons looking at different aspects of Viking life and their battles with the Anglo-Saxons.


P.E. - this will take place every second Wednesday and will alternate with Forest School. Parents are kindly reminded that on Wednesday's the children are to come into school wearing either their PE kits or Forest School clothes until further notice. Thank You! This term will be all about striking and fielding, with cricket being our chosen sport.


PSHE - the focus will be on physical and mental well- being and the importance of maintaining both.


RE - we shall look at a variety of religions and make comparisons, focused on places of worship, their importance and relevance to those who believe in them.



Music - the children will continue to be taught the ukulele by Mr Driscoll every Thursday afternoon. 


Art/DT - we shall study the arts, with a musical based approach. 


Computing - the children will continue to work on coding.


French - we shall continue to learn the language and focus on speaking and listening.