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Morning all!


Hope you are all doing well?

I'm looking forward to seeing you later today when we have our Zoom meeting at 10.30!

I just thought I would add the relevant details here so that you can refer to them if you need to.

All work and contact regarding home learning should be sent/communicated using the following email address: 

You are welcome to pop into school and collect exercise books if you need some and where possible worksheets and so on can be printed, again for you to collect from the office.


In order to access the Google Drive containing all work for home learning as well as Zoom meeting details, you will need the following user name and password:



I look forward to seeing you all later


Mr Jones 

Mr Jones


Mrs Anderson


Welcome to Fox Class Page

Teacher Mr. Jones

Teaching assistant - Mrs. Anderson

Greetings all, I hope you have or are enjoying the first half term of the year?

Blimey, where did that first term go? After having so much time away it seems like an age ago!

So, a couple of things I wanted to mention. The class page page has been updated with all the goings on for the coming term, some pictures for you to look at and an updated timetable as well as curriculum plans and key vocabulary for the term so please check these out. Also, we shall be having phone consultations rather than face to face parents evening so look out for information on that and finally, just incase you were not aware, we shall be returning to our normal school hours so the children will need to arrive by no later than 8.50am and will finish at 3.15pm. All this information was on the last newsletter so apologies if you already know all of this.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to being back next week and am excited to hear what the kids have been up to!

As always, if you ever wish to speak to myself or Mrs Anderson please don't hesitate. 

I have attached my e-mail should you wish to make contact that way.


Please take care




Mr Jones

Term 2 Week 6 Spellings
















Class timetable

Forest school dates for term 2:

11th November

25th November

9th December 


English - We are continuing with the Mayan theme this term and our key text is, You wouldn't want to be a Mayan Soothsayer, fortunes you'd rather not tell, by Rupert Mathews. This, believe it or not, is an information text and the children will learn, in a humorous way, all the roles of a Mayan Soothsayer, good and bad. They will plan and write a persuasive campaign in order to be voted the Soothsayer for the class


Maths - this term we shall be working on Multiplication and Division, Area and Perimeter and dreaded Fractions.


Science - this term the topic is Living things and their habitats - exploring life cycles and the process of reproduction in plants and animals


Curriculum - we are continuing with our topic the ancient civilization the Maya. We spent all of last term looking at the History of the Maya and therefore we shall focus on Geography this term. We shall focus on map reading and locating specific countries and cities, particularly in central America. We shall learn about human and physical characteristics and compare them with our own. 


P.E. - this will take place every second Wednesday and will alternate with Forest School. This term we shall be focusing on a team sport and learning to play Handball. Parents are kindly reminded that on Wednesday's the children are to come into school wearing either their PE kits or Forest School clothes until further notice. Thank You!


PSHE - the focus will be on physical and mental well- being and the importance of maintaining both.


RE - we shall be considering why people believe in God and comparing the beliefs of several religions as well as looking at those that are undecided or non-believers.


Music - the children will continue to be taught the ukulele by Mr Driscoll every Thursday afternoon. 


Art/DT - our learning will be more Design and Technology based this term and linked to our Maya topic. We shall look a Maya design and study artefacts with a view to designing and making our own. 


Computing - the children will continue  learning how to code. They will write their own write and debug their own code with a view to programming and creating a working program.


French - we shall learn basic greetings, counting, colours, questions and answering and around town.