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Y2- Rabbit Class

Welcome to Rabbit Class - Year 2!
Class Teacher - Miss Scott

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Risby


Hello my Rabbits!


Please find attached a weekly update of activities for your child to do. I will endeavor to include a mixture of Maths, English and other subjects as well as opportunities to explore life skills. I will be updating this every Monday.


There are lots of websites on here and under the COVID -19 tab for things to do with your children as well as the links on the learning activities sheet. If you only get chance to do one activity then please focus on the reading! I cannot stress enough how important reading is for all aspects of your children's learning and in life.


This one was one of the links that was specifically for Year 2:


There is also these ones:

Joe Wicks is also offering PE sessions online!


Each children that was in over the last week was also given their Purple Mash logins where they can explore safely. Most children also had this put in their homework books also where the book was present!!


I really hope that you and your families stay happy and healthy during this time and I am very excited to hear all about the activities the children get up to when we are reunited as a class again,


Best wishes,


 Miss Scott 



Spellings have been kept in the sheet format that we use as an early morning activity, if you wanted to practice them feel free to do it how you would like!


Animal Encounters! 8.1.20


Term 4 - What made The Great Fire of London great?


This term we will be looking at Fire in our curriculum learning. We will be learning all about The great Fire of London in History, Samuel Pepys and learning how to play London's Burning on the Ocarina!

This term we will be focusing on writing to inform. We are looking at instruction writing currently.



This term we will be writing for the purpose to inform. We have started our learning by reading Toby and The Great Fire of London. We as a class have then been comparing the viewpoint of Toby to Vlad from our second book - Vlad and The Great Fire of London.


We have started looking at the skills we will need to be able to use in order to write our final piece and how we can build up to this. Currently, there is a focus on punctuation and making our writing as beautiful as possible.

Our recent coding and debugging lessons in Computing.


This term in maths we will be looking at Multiplication and Division. We will be learning and practicing repeated addition and subtraction.

As you can see from the photos our class really enjoy exploring and diving deeper into the maths learning!

Maths - Wizards Duel