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Y2- Rabbit Class

Welcome to Rabbit Class - Year 2!
Class Teacher - Miss Scott

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Risby


Hello my Rabbits!


Updated 11/5/20 - I will now be documenting when I have updated the page so it is easier to spot new materials as they arrive!


Please find attached a weekly update of activities for your child to do. I will endeavor to include a mixture of Maths, English and other subjects as well as opportunities to explore life skills. I will be updating this every Monday minimum. Please look to the COVID-19 tab of the website for further information also.



Useful Links:    **Some White Rose things are beyond where we were **


Joe Wicks is also offering PE sessions online!


Purple Mash - Children should have their logins in their homework books.


A message from Miss Scott:


I really hope that you and your families stay happy and healthy during this time and I am very excited to hear all about the activities the children get up to when we are reunited as a class again,


Best wishes,


 Miss Scott 


My email address should you like to keep in contact/ask anything:




Purple Mash


I have added some '2Do's that you make like on Purple Mash - These are again not compulsory but might be a nice change of activities. There are all subjects available in Year grouped tabs too as well as paint and story telling.


Spellings have been kept in the sheet format that we use as an early morning activity, if you wanted to practice them feel free to do it how you would like!


I have also attached the first 100 high frequency words (words that are most commonly needed!) these can be really useful for your writing! 


Mr Risby is updating the PE page of the website frequently too:


Have a look and have a go at some of the challenges that are being put on there!



Rabbit Class Stories

I have tried to find some eBooks that can be accessed freely, the ones below are mainly Twinkl ones, however, they are offering the free account currently. 

I will add move as I find them as you probably running out of fresh reading material!

This link has lots of free books that can be downloaded or read online. They are mainly classic tales such as Peter Pan, Cinderella and Aesops Fables so the language may be better suited to an adult reading them to a child - There is also a large selection of adults books on this website if you wanted to read also! 

If you have lego at home, this looked fun!

Weekly Update from Miss Scott and Mrs Risby-


Going forward we have decided to write little diary entry each to keep you up to date with all that we have been up to whilst we have not all been in school! Just in case some of the class missed us as much as we missed teaching them.


Miss Scott:


12/4/20 -


Hello Rabbits and your families! I hope you are all having lots of fun sharing experiences together at home. This week I have been baking lots of yummy treats - I made cookies and brownies and now they are all gone, I wonder who ate all those! I promise I shared SOME of them.

I have read a couple of books and I enjoyed them so much I think I will read some more by the same author. I have been in my garden too and have planted lots of seeds so hopefully I will have lots of flowers and veggies soon growing. I will take photos for you all! If you wanted to try some cooking at home too there are some really good recipes here, don't forget to grab an adult though. They might need your help!    The Easter Bunny visited me and I had an Easter egg which was very exciting and I hope you all had a lovely Easter with your families. No egg hunt for me this year sadly but I did see some chicks which made up for it! Speak to you next week when hopefully I will have got up to some more exciting things, stay safe, Miss Scott :) 


Mrs Risby:


Hello Rabbits, I hope you and your families are enjoying this time together. I have been keeping busy at home. Just like Miss Scott I have been baking LOTS! I have made bread rolls, brownies, flapjacks and sticky toffee pudding. I have also been working hard on my homework, just like you guys, university have been sending me work to keep busy. I did have a little break for Easter and enjoyed an egg or two. The animals have also been keeping me busy out in the garden and enjoying lots of cuddles with them. I have managed to keep in contact with lots of my family, we have even managed to play a few board games over the phone. I will give you a little update again next week, I have a few more bakes planned, I will remember to take pictures to share with you before I eat them! Stay safe Mrs Risby 😊

Animal Encounters! 8.1.20