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Introducing the Year 6 Team...

Picture 1 Miss Slatter
Picture 2 Mrs Small
Picture 3 Mrs Risby
Picture 4 Mr Mac

       Class Teacher:        Miss Slatter


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Small

                                     Mrs Risby

                                Mr Mac

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(Set: 08.02.19 Due in to Miss S: before or on 5.02.19) 

Paper copies will be available from Miss S on Monday if you are having printer/internet issues!

Good luck! Any problems - come and find me! Miss S x

Were Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare friends?

This term, Year 6 will be learning about Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare and life in Tudor England. Through every subject taught across the curriculum, children will develop their understanding of this fascinating time in British history. Topics explored will include a virtual tour of the Globe Theatre, recreating 'Macbeth' using shadow puppets, Tudor portraits, The Spanish Armada and discovering whether William Shakespeare really did only leave his 'second best bed' to his wife in his final will and testament!


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This term, Year 6 are studying one of William Shakespeare's most tragic plays - 'Macbeth'. With plenty of death, witches and ambitious characters, it is no surprise that the children are loving every aspect of this grisly tale!

We have been enjoying drama sessions, insulting each other using Shakespearean language and have written some amazing spells, diary entries, letters and soliloquies in the role of different characters.

Macbeth and Banquo meet the witches / Death of King Duncan...

Picture 1


With SATs in the not-so-distant future, we have been busy practising skills learnt in previous years, as well as learning new skills including algebra, ratio and proportion and MANY, MANY calculations involving fractions, decimals and percentages!

NSPCC Maths Day

On Friday 1st February, Palmarsh Primary took part in the NSPCC Maths Day. Each class rotated around the school and experienced activities from different areas of the Maths Curriculum.


Our Science topic this term is Light. We have already learnt that light travels in straight lines, demonstrated how our eyes see objects, explored ways to change the shape and size of shadows and are now applying this knowledge to create shadow puppets which will enable us to create our own versions of 'Macbeth' (Pictures to follow..!).

Using wool to demonstrate how we see an object

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