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Visit from Tony Webber!

On Monday 10th June, Palmarsh was fortunate enough to be visited by the poet and old headteacher, Tony Webber. Our day started with an assembly listening to some of his hilarious poetry about being at school and family life, which our children loved. It has lead us in nicely to a poetry week in school where the children have an opportunity to discuss and share ideas, write their own poems and perform them to their class. Our week will continue with assemblies next week so that out children can share their poems with the school. Thank you to Tony, our staff and our wonderful children - there is a real buzz around school about poetry. 


Dates of performances – 2:30pm in the school hall.


Monday 17th June – Reception 


Tuesday 18th June – Year 1/ Year 2


Wednesday 19th June – Year 3/ Year 4


Thursday 20th June– Year 5/Year 6


Friday 21st June – Final in Friday assembly (9:30am) with the winners from each year group.